About DURE

DURE is distinguished as the foremost food packaging manufacturer in Korea.

Our extensive range of offerings is tailored to address our client's needs,

and we persistently endeavor to foster reciprocal advancement and success.

Furthermore, we prioritize the development of environmentally responsible products,

employing sustainable resources such as biodegradable PLA and paper, exemplifying our commitment to ecological stewardship.

DURE adheres to the following principles in order to deliver unparalleled service quality:

DURE aspires to foster an environmentally conscious ethos. Consequently, we diligently pursue the development of eco-friendly products across diverse categories. Our commitment to expanding our range of sustainable offerings, such as biodegradable PLA, paper, and pulp, is evidenced by our continuous efforts to innovate and discover novel materials.

At DURE, our primary emphasis lies in the 'quality' and 'diversity' of our extensive product range. By discerning customer requirements, we endeavor to deliver highly tailored and optimized solutions. In doing so, we set our sights on fostering collaborative growth and prosperity alongside our valued clients.

DURE manages a dedicated design laboratory, consistently prepared to enhance customer satisfaction by delivering superior products and services that cater to the evolving needs of our clients.